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If You're Out There (John Legend remix) (reggae soul)

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Here's my If You're Out There remix I've made for the John Legend's remix contest at Indaba. As you can hear, it's 100% reggae style !
I had the chance to work with two great musicians on it. Guitars where played by famous french guitarist Jean-Michel Kajdan. I love his sound, and solo at the end of the track. Trombones, riffs and solo, where played by french trombonist Thomas Rocton. All other instruments, arrangements, production, mix were done by me. Thanks to Ian Shepherd for his advices on the mix (really don't know if I measured up on this ;-). Hope you'll enjoy listening to this reggae remix as much as I enjoyed doing it and enjoyed working on this great song and fabulous John Legend's voice !
Update 05|1|09 - Good news ! The votes ended, and out of more than 400 remix versions, my remix received one of the 4 Honorable Mentions given by the jury himself, John Legend, Mantis Evar and Trevor Horn ! And it finished at 18th position from the public vote. Check it out !
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Is This Real ? (ambient accoustic piano) ( plays)

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Seed Grow (trip-hop ambient)

Did this one with Ambienteer, through twitter.
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The Song That Never Was (Imogen Heap remix) (downtempo electro pop)
( plays)

Download will may be available when Imogen decide what to do with it.
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